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Designed to correct mixing mistakes by either intesifying or toning down other Igora Royal shades.

Neutralising With Concentrate 
The amount required will depend on the selected concentrate and the level of existing colour. Level 8 or 9, no more than 5% of colour cream will be required. Lower levels, up to 25% may be needed. 
To boost and intensify, add 50% of colour cream.

Use Extract E-111 on base 4 to 8, to bring red or red copper tones back to natural. 
Use E-00 for intensifying warm tones, and to achieve especially good results on dark, natural hair without the need for pre-lightening.

When using concentrates or extracts, it is important to increase the amount of Igora Royal Developer in proportion to the amount of extra colour that is added to the base. Develop for 30-45 minutes.

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